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collaborators, internal

We’d like our teams to be inclusive and diverse.
desperately seeking
Firmware Engineer
Us: Compossible Umwelten Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2017. We’re currently working on unproven devices to non-invasively interface with human and dog brains through haptic means.
You: Other than being conscientious and having a sense of what elegant and maintainable code is we hope you’ll have done some of the following:
  • Developed firmware and systems using (1) C / C++, (2) an RTOS preferably Zephyr (3) the RP2040 (4) Raspberry Pi’s Compute Module 4 (5) Wi-Fi and BLE stacks (6) I2C, SPI, UART and USB buses.
  • Have gone through prototype to production firmware cycle for a product with version control systems, project management tools and documentation.
  • Contributed to open-source projects and have geeked out over signal processing.
What: You’d be building our codebase (and corresponding documentation) from the ground up and contributing to / reviewing our hardware. As the initial seed you’d be creating your own structure.
Where: You’ll be seated at our Nariman Point (Bombay) office along with a hardware and mechanical engineer. Should we still exist in 2023 we expect to add application engineers. While we hope to have a few billion users at no point do we expect to become a large company.
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we're happy to be flexible, just our current

collaborators, external

It's a privilege to have opportunities to engage with suppliers and consultants whom allow us to be.


Shop floor conditions (safety, remuneration, skilling, time...) is something we play close attention to. Direct and indirect.


hardware tinkerers

  • mechanics (maintenance)
  • hobbyists (users)
  • researchers (academics)
  • developers

developers (of application software | modes)

content creators (studios)

consumers (end users)

investors (cryptoTokens)

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