fine print

Growing, groping towards transparent ethical, elegant, fun, friendly, inclusive, indulgent.
Image source: Seated Figure of Summer, by Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1573,

immaterial (intellectual?) property


We’d like to free close to all our code so it may be adopted in other scenarios. A tenable path is pending.


We’d like to open our hardware schematics, PCB layouts, mechanical drawings and the like so others can build on and create similar things. A tenable path is pending.


We’d like data generators to retain ownership over their data in a manner which allows them to loan but not sell data.

material objects

We'd like our things to be convenient to manufacture (not require expensive equipment or craftsperson skill), convenient to maintain (minimise consumables) so they're robust and age gracefully like family heirlooms (monsoon proof, sandstorm proof), convenient to repair (commonly available parts, modular, documented, repairable by the local cobbler), be friendly and transparent to those who are curious to look over the covers (minimise goop / resin, accessible using standard tools with reversible assembly) and to hobbyists. We hope to layout our relationship with landfills, smokestacks and rubble so choices may be more informed.


We'd like to exist in an advertising-free model. Where consent is informed. Still looking for a tenable crypto backed model.
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