bit, software, immaterial stuff, project fisherai
image: Compossible Umwelten 2020


A maintenance / companion app (accessed through a screen) to update the physical device’s (Bobtail’s) settings and modes.


Developers may periodically add to the available modes which Bobtail may be set to.


Tailored tactile text. A font personalised using bioelectric signals so it works like an easy to learn high throughput phoneme based braille. May absorb tactile books (just as one does audio books). Unproven, speculative.

music, audio

Paired with speakers controlled by a tactile jockey (standing alongside an audio jockey). May pick up and render ambient sounds or by placed in-line with speakers to augment an auditory experience. Users may make their own audio-to-tactile transformations by uploading their own codecs (a trivial one may be to play low frequencies). Unproven, speculative.


Two humans or non-humans wear Bobtail and the sensor readings of one are played on the other bringing them in harmony. Unproven, speculative. May also send predefined tactile emojis.


May provide non-music clues when watching movies (e.g. doors shutting, texture of the road), playing video games (e.g. engines knocking, the breeze against one's neck), using a map (e.g. nudging someone so they take a turn) or other apps (similar to how an phone application may make use of audio cues).


May address stuttering / stammering, speech tremors and act in lieu of an electrolarynx. Unproven, speculative.
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